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Linear Ball Bushing

 Flanged Type Linear Ball Bushing
 Super Linear Ball Bushing

 Linear Ball Bushing System Case Unit

Linear Ball Bushing System
Support Rail Unit
guide LMC-C 、LMCL-C
support SA、SCFB、CRSB
block LMC 、LMCL      LMGLMGL

Linear Ball Bushing System Shaft Support

 Linear Ball Bushing System LM shaft
   Linear Ball Bushing
ontrast Table
ARIS Support Rail Unit is assembled by of Support Rail, LM Shaft, and Open type Linear Bushing installed Case. All components are standardized for providing interchangeability, and less cost and less designing time.

Anticorrosive Linear Guide (LMC-C、LMCL-C
    Shaft type Linear Guides thanks Linear shaft & Linear Block, to offer simle & lower cost of Linear Motion.

Anticorrosive Oilless Linear Guide (LMG-C、LMGL-C
     Shaft type Linear Guides but assembly by Oilliess Linear Bearing, to provide high loading & working on high temperature.

Open type Linear Block and Open Long Linear Block (LMC

Open type Oilless Linear Block and Open Long Oilless Linear Block (LMG、LMG-L

Support & Shaft
Supporter for Tapped Shaft (SA)
Anticorrosive Tapped shaft (SCFB SUJ2 or S55C)
Anticorrosive Tapped shaft (CRSB S45C)     

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